How to start an eCommerce Business in Zimbabwe

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How to start an eCommerce Business in Zimbabwe

Setting up an actual eCommerce business would possibly take less than 3 days. However, there is a structured process that includes researching, building, launching and growing your profitable eCommerce business that needs to be followed.

  1. Decide what you want to sale
    The first step to starting your own eCommerce business in Zimbabwe is to decide what products or services that you’re going to sell. It’s vital that you select products or services that will give you a sustainable business. Do you need assistance on choosing a product or service to offer online?
  2. Register your business
    After performing a thorough research on your proposed company names and making sure that the domain name is available for each of your proposed company names, you can register your company.
  3. Secure your domain name and website
    It is recommended that you set your business name as your domain name, in the case that it is not available, choose a domain name that’s easy to say and spell, and it should relate to your business. For example, if your business name is Bulawayo WebDesigners and bulawayowebdesigners.co.zw is not available then consider byowebdesigners.co.zw. Also, make sure that your website is not only visually appealing but also functional.
  4. Register with the necessary authorities
    Depending on the nature of your eCommerce business you may need to register with some or all of the authorities such as ZIMRA. Also, open your company bank account.
  5. Market, start and grow your business.
    Set up your social media profiles and write content for your blog. It is a good idea to start marketing early even if you’re not yet up and running. Launch your business and don’t stop marketing your products/services. You should also experiment with regularly expanding or refreshing your services or products. Track your progress and performance so as to fix any issues as they emerge.
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