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We design websites that facilitate the selling of goods and services over the Internet.

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Use social media, the Internet, mobile devices and search engines to reach a wider market.

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Android apps help you grow your enterprise and approach a better customer base. 

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We serve to enhance the
digital footprint of our clients by providing innovative eCommerce solutions.

We want to see a community which appreciates and uses eCommerce technologies for the convenience of its stakeholders.


Our Portfolio

Some of our previous and past projects are listed below.

Concept Tours

Vukuzenzele Projects

Unique Travel

Pest Hunters


Glow Capital

Our Team Leaders

Our team leaders oversee the distinct functionalities of our departments by providing guidance and instruction.

Carlton Kasukusa

Chief Technology Officer

Nelson Chifamba

Chief  Consultant

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The 6 revenue models for your eCommerce business

A revenue model is how your eCommerce business makes money. It is how your business will earn income from its target customers of the product or service that you are[…]

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How to start an eCommerce Business in Zimbabwe

Setting up an actual eCommerce business would possibly take less than 3 days. However, there is a structured process that includes researching, building, launching and growing your profitable eCommerce business[…]

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What are the benefits of eCommerce in Zimbabwe

What are the benefits of eCommerce in Zimbabwe

Electronic commerce or eCommerce is any form of business that involves the transfer of information over an electronic network, chiefly the Internet. The most popular example of eCommerce is online[…]

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